Reviews Are in for VIRAL

VIRAL-300x213Reviews from Moving Arts and Bootleg Theater’s production of Mac Rogers’ VIRAL are coming in. The production continues through January 31st at the Bootleg, 2220 Beverly Blvd. (west of Alvarado), in Los Angeles.

From KCRW: “Playwright Mac Rogers has an ear for the worlds he’s trafficking in and as bizarre as the premise seems you’re willing to go along for the ride.”

From TheatreGhost: “Viral is an intelligent, fast-moving comedy that reaches well into the depths.”

From The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses: “Such a scenario should make one’s skin crawl. It certainly shocked, although not too much because the whole play eases the audience into realization. More, by then we’ve found ourselves liking these characters, or at least wishing them well. No small feat.”

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In the photo: Alicia Adams, Daniel Dorr (photo: Justin Zsebe)



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