Blast Radius (The Honeycomb Trilogy)

Part 2 of The Honeycomb Trilogy

“Crackling exchanges are at the core of Blast Radius, the suspenseful second part of an alien invasion trilogy by Mac Rogers (Advance Man was first), whose confident writing displays deep affection for the genre.”– The New York Times

Postcard-front-300x203Picking up fifteen years after the events of ADVANCE MAN, BLAST RADIUS follows a sister and a brother at mortal odds in an Earth that’s been radically altered by an extraterrestrial occupation. Ronnie leads a desperate human insurgency that might have finally found the weapon that will turn the tide – at a terrible cost. Abbie, who has allied himself with the conquering alien race, has found a chilling solution that may end human resistance for good. Action-packed and emotionally charged, BLAST RADIUS is the story of a family and a world at war with itself.

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: 7 women, 5 men.

RUNNING TIME: 2 hours + intermission

“The place of the Queen is sacred.”

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