Universal Robots

Universal Robots is one of the strongest, most exciting plays I have seen in years.  This one is not to be missed.”Theatre Online

SYNOPSIS: The Great War has just ended. The fledgling Republic of Czechoslovakia, under its first elected President, boasts a thriving artistic and intellectual community. At the center of that community is the celebrated playwright Karel Capek, a passionate advocate for all his newborn nation can achieve. But the brave new world arrives faster than Karel could have ever expected when a young woman walks into his life with a strange mannequin in a wheelchair… a mannequin that gets up and moves all by itself. Universal Robots offers a compelling, alternate history of the Twentieth Century, imagining the invention of the robot in 1921 and chronicling the shocking consequences of that invention right up to the present day.

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: UNIVERSAL ROBOTS contains numerous roles that can be cast in any gender breakdown the production sees fit, with one exception: the actor that plays Radosh must also play Radius. The original production at manhattantheatresource used 10 actors- 4 female and 6 male – to play all of the characters.

RUNNING TIME: 2 hours, 45 minutes

“The clock is ticking. It starts the minute something is invented, and counts down until somebody uses it.”

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