• Mac Rogers Featured in the New York Times!

    mac_rogersOn April 9, 2015, Eric Piepenberg of the New York Times wrote about New York City playwrights and their favorite places to write. Mac Rogers was in good company with Laura Eason, Kristoffer Diaz, Michael Weller and more. Learn where these amazing playwrights’ secret writing hideaways are.

  • HAIL SATAN Goes to Boston


    Hail Satan goes to Boston.

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  • Reviews Are in for VIRAL

    VIRAL-300x213Reviews from Moving Arts and Bootleg Theater’s production of Mac Rogers’ VIRAL are coming in. The production continues through January 31st at the Bootleg, 2220 Beverly Blvd. (west of Alvarado), in Los Angeles.

    From KCRW: “Playwright Mac Rogers has an ear for the worlds he’s trafficking in and as bizarre as the premise seems you’re willing to go along for the ride.”

    From TheatreGhost: “Viral is an intelligent, fast-moving comedy that reaches well into the depths.”

    From The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses: “Such a scenario should make one’s skin crawl. It certainly shocked, although not too much because the whole play eases the audience into realization. More, by then we’ve found ourselves liking these characters, or at least wishing them well. No small feat.”

    For more info, visit http://www.bootlegtheater.org/.

    In the photo: Alicia Adams, Daniel Dorr (photo: Justin Zsebe)



  • The West Coast Premiere of Viral

    viral_los_angelesViral is set to begin performances January 8th in Los Angeles. Produced by Bootleg Theater and Moving Arts, the production runs through January 31st.

    Darin Anthony directs Alicia Adams, Oscar Camacho, Daniel Dorr, Mariel Higuera and Mark Kinsey Stephenson. When Viral premiered in New York, Flavorwire raved, “This is one of the best plays we’ve seen in New York in a very long time, and we see a lot of plays.”

    For tickets, visit Bootleg Theater’s web site.




  • More Glowing Notices for Asymmetric

    “Mr. Rogers — working with Jordana Williams, the director and his frequent collaborator — has a keen ear for bureaucratic idioms and finely tuned pitch with narrative momentum. Just when you fear the play is heading down television-thriller avenues, it shifts direction, to address issues of national responsibility and personal accountability without a bit of fuss.” – Andy Webster, The New York Times


    “An intense, fast paced, and surprisingly touching spy thriller.” – Dave Osmundsen, Theatre Is Easy

    “More engrossing than the best sci-fi interrogation novel ever written” – nytheater now
    “Asymmetric is an incredibly intriguing spy thriller that will keep you guessing about each character’s loyalty and motive until the very last second.” – StageBuddy.com

  • Asymmetric Receives Rave Reviews

    “4 Stars! Mac Rogers—genre playwright extraordinaire—can rant like Sorkin, plot like Mamet, banter like Whedon and sting like a bee.” – Helen Shaw, Time Out New York


  • Asymmetric Photos





    Photo credit: Deb Alexander

  • New York Premiere of Asymmetric

    Ground UP Productions in association with Gideon Productions presents the New York premiere of ASYMMETRIC by Mac Rogers November 14 through December 6, 2014 at 59E59.



    Directed by Jordana Williams, the spy thriller stars Rob Maitner, Kate Middleton, Seth Shelden and Sean Williams.
    For tickets and information, visit 59E59.org.


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