Advance Man (The Honeycomb Trilogy)

Part 1 of The Honeycomb Trilogy

“Fascinating, suspenseful, and gripping…Mac Rogers is one of the most intriguing playwrights working today.” – Broadway World

advance-man-current-feature1Meet the family of Bill Cooke, the former leader of the first manned mission to Mars. As Bill’s wife Amelia, his daughter Ronnie, and his son Abbie are about to discover, Bill and his colleagues have returned to Earth bearing secrets and illicit cargo that could forever alter not only their own lives, but all of humanity. ADVANCE MAN is the first part of Mac Rogers’ science fiction epic The Honeycomb Trilogy, three standalone plays set in the same universe chronicling a primal conflict – at once intimate and global – that will redefine the nature of the human race.

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: 5 women, 5 men.

RUNNING TIME: 2 hours + intermission

“Dinner is soon.”

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